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About Water Systems

A water system is needed to pump the water out of the well to the surface and deliver it under pressure to the place where you will be using it. A typical home water system, as indicated below, consists of a pump, a pitless adapter or unit and a pressure storage tank and control devices that allow the system to operate automatically. View an example water system.

Water Well Construction

A well is the most common way to obtain groundwater for household use. A well is basically a hole in the ground, held open by a pipe (or casing) that extends to an aquifer.  A pump draws water from the aquifer for distribution through the plumbing system. The depth to which wells are constructed is determined by factors such as the depth of groundwater, groundwater quality and geological conditions at the well site.

Wells in Minnesota range in depth from 15 feet to over 1000 feet. The average household well is approximately 100-300 feet deep.  Wells that are drilled very near each other often have similar depths. However, the depth of wells in glacial deposits can vary greatly - even if they are located next door to each other.

The State of Minnesota requires that wells be installed away from sources of contamination or interference; therefore, distance regulations have been imposed by the State for this purpose.   Click here to see the Isolation Distances Chart that will help you plan where to place a well on your property.

The average well requires one day to drill and one day to install the pump and run plumbing and electrical lines from the well to the house. Barott Drilling Services, Inc. offers installations with PVC or steel casing.

If you need a water well drilled and are located in the Twin Cities or a northern suburb, and would like Barott Drilling Services to provide you with a  free estimate  to drill and install your well, please call us at 651-484-0198,email us at bds@barottdrilling.com.

Barott Drilling Services, Inc. has access to the State of Minnesota Well Records.  We will use these records to determine the approximate depth and construction for your well.

Barott Drilling Services, Inc. is a fully licensed water well contractor in the State of Minnesota and we carry appropriate insurance for our industry.

Sealing (Abandoning) unused wells

Unused or abandoned wells that have not been properly sealed can provide a direct pathway for contaminants to enter the groundwater. Contaminants from surface water, runoff, or sources, such as leaking sewers or septic system drain fields, can enter the well through casings that have deteriorated.  An unused, unsealed well can potentially threaten water quality for new wells.  Unused wells also pose a safety hazard, especially for children, pets, and livestock.  It is illegal to dispose of wastes in an unused well, and it will result in additional costs to clean the well and possibly the groundwater before the well is sealed.

According to Minnesota law, a well must be sealed in any of the following situations:

1) The well is contaminated and cannot be corrected.
2) The well has been improperly sealed in the past.
3) The well poses a threat to the health or safety of the public or to groundwater quality.
4) The well is not in use and does not have a maintenance permit.

A water well is properly sealed when it is removed from service and is completely filled with an approved grouting material by a licensed contractor.



1. Before a well can be sealed, all obstructions in the well (an old pump, drop pipe, and debris) - must be removed. In some situations, the well casing will have to be perforated - meaning that holes will have to be punched through the casing. This helps ensure that both the inside and the outside of the casing will be completely sealed when grout is pumped into the well.

2. The well is sealed by completely filling it with grout, which is a special type of cement, concrete, or a clay known as bentonite. Filling the well casing with grout seals the well and helps protect aquifers from contamination. To ensure a complete and effective seal, free of voids, Minnesota regulations require that the grout be pumped into the well from the bottom upward. The licensed well contractor inserts a grout pipe (or tremie pipe) all the way down to the bottom of the well, and then pumps in the grout until it comes out the top.

3. After the well has been sealed, the licensed well contractor will send a Well and Boring Sealing Record to the property owner and to the Minnesota Department of Health. The property owner should keep this document with other important papers relating to the property.

Environmental and Geotechnical Borings

Barott Drilling Services is a third generation business and has been in the drilling business for over 70 years serving the upper Midwest. Our shop, equipment, and offices are located approximately 20 miles north of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Lino Lakes.

We install a wide range of wells (2 inch to 36 inch) and are well equipped to service all your drilling needs, including Hollow stem auger, flight auger borings, angle drillings, and geotechnical borings and investigational borings for bidding purposes or geological information.

Barott Drilling Services carries a full water well contractor's license in Minnesota which enables us to repair domestic and industrial wells as well as monitoring wells, soil vapor ports, sparge wells, recovery wells, etc. We also install large diameter recovery wells. We offer installation using bucket rig, auger, mud rotary, air, and air hammer to accommodate any type of geological formation.

We have installed monitoring wells throughout the State of Minnesota for both governmental agencies and private companies such as the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Super America, Amoco, Metropolitan Airports Commission and Special School District #1.

Our employees are in full compliance with OSHA and have 40 hours OSHA training and annual 8 hour refresher courses. Our employees also take Competent Person Training for OSHA excavating and Confined Space Training. Our drillers are competent and very experienced in the drilling field, specializing in all types of wells and water system installation with field experience from commercial / residential irrigation to geotechnical borings to federal superfund sites.

Free estimates are available.

We also perform a variety of other services. Give us a call for all your well needs.