Please call us if you have any concerns or questions about your well and water system or need a service technician.




Pump turns rapidly on and off (cycling) Waterlogging in pressure tank New pressure tank.  Problems with your pressure tank could lead to damage to the well pump.
White/gray scale in cooking pots when water is boiled Water hardness Have water tested for hardness.  Install water treatment system, if necessary.
Red staining on plumbing fixtures High iron concentration in water Install water treatment system.
Oily sheen on water in containers; slime in toilet tanks Iron bacteria; possible contamination Chlorinate well.  Call for water test.
Rotten egg smell in water Sulfur bacteria and/or hydrogen sulfide gas Chlorinate well.  Install water treatment system.
Change in color, taste, or odor of water Possible contamination Check softener for salt.  Call for water test.  If test is positive, chlorinate well to destroy bacteria.
Well damaged (cracked casing, loose or missing cap, or exposed wires) Well struck by plows, snowmobiles, vehicles, or other heavy equipment Call licensed well driller to repair as soon as possible.
Low water pressure Plugged canister filter (water treatment filter).  Plugged faucet strainers.  Plugged water treatment system or water softener.  Small diameter plumbing.  Bad pressure tank. Check all filters on water treatment systems, faucets, and water softeners.  Also check to see what the diameter of the plumbing is.  If plumbing diameter is 1/2" of less, the small diameter could be restricting water flow.  If everything else checks out, call a licensed well driller as soon as possible.
No water Fuse or breaker in electrical box tripped.  Problem in well system or well. Check fuses or breakers in electrical box.  Otherwise, call licensed well contractor as soon as possible.
Air in water lines Bad pump or drop lines.  Hole in well casing, water line, or pitless.  Over pumping of well. Call licensed well contractor as soon as possible.
Pump runs with no water usage Water is being used by a system not considered (water softener, humidifier).  Bad check valve or hole in water line or drop pipe.  Leak in pitless unit. Check to make sure water is not being used by a water softener, humidifier or other appliance not readily visible.  Call licensed well contractor as soon as possible.
Constantly moist ground near well or between well and house when there has been no rain or lawn watering Leak in water line, pitless unit, or well casing. Call licensed well contractor as soon as possible.
Pump noises, rattling, pipe vibrations Loose plumbing or plumbing touching heat ducts. Insulate piping under floor joists or fasten/move piping. Call licensed plumber.
Any questions about water quality   Call licensed contractor for water test.